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General Instructions

  • The forms below are intended to serve as potential option for the document you’d like to submit to OAH. These are not mandatory forms, and parties are free to use them as models in creating their own filings.
  • Depending on your specific hearing, a particular form may be required which may be different from the below. If you have a question about what form you should use for a particular case, please ask your assigned Hearing Officer in your next scheduled hearing, or otherwise request a status hearing be set by the Hearing Officer to allow you to ask that question.
  • For any submission you make to OAH or any of its Hearing Officers, be sure to include the following:
    • The names of the parties
    • The agency case number (if any)
    • The OAH case number
    • The date
  • Always be sure to serve any submission you make to the following people:
    • All other parties in the case
    • The assigned Hearing Officer
    • The OAH filings email, at


Motion for Reconsideration:

Pre-Hearing Disclosures

Witness and Exhibit Disclosure

Not seeing a form you think might be useful? Send suggestions/requests by email to OAH.

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